volunteer vision save the children

The team behind Pat's Party / Pat's Bonfire are all volunteers, keen to have a hell of a good time while raising cash for Save the Children. If you fancy joining us - even one day's offer of help would be faberoo - then please get in touch. Send an email through the Contact Us link below.

A few years back, Save the Children launched a massive new campaign designed to target the international scandal of millions of babies dying from easily preventable diseases. The 'No Child Born to Die' campaign was designed to provoke outrage at this shocking state of affairs. As volunteers we are being asked to think up new ways of raising cash, and some of us ravers on the PP Committee have our hearts set on a new project called Pat's Palavar. This would be an indoor event and be a mix of music and performance, with a caravanserai feel - this last being imparted through an indoor tented village, with stalls, arts and crafts, exotic spices and trinkets etc - plus a great food festival. All this is in the planning stage still, and we need people who might be able to help to get in touch. Use the Contact Us link below.

If you want to know more about what Save the Children volunteers can get up to across the country, then take a look at this video news programme....

Volunteer Vision News - Save the Children from John Thirlwell on Vimeo.