November 2nd 6pm (bonfire lit at 6.30)

Tickets are £7 Adults, £3 for 11-16 year olds, and under 11's free.

Available, Furniss Butchers in Ben Rhydding, Stazione Cafe at Ilkley Station

and Dale Eddisons Main Offices on The Grove.

More fireworks, more food, more refreshments.

Syria is probably going to be the biggest Humanitarian crisis Save the Children has faced.

Over 150,000 children left in need of protection, food, mental support.

Every pound we raise can be spent by the charity in the areas it sees the greatest need.

Your cash goes further

2013 July Pat's Party was a fabulous day - very, very successful and thanks to a h u g e community effort. The bands, the stallholders, the committee, Save the Children's volunteers from York, Wetherby and beyond (mavericks all) and of course the 1000+ people who came to the event during those wonderful 8 hours.. We shall publish details of how much was raised and also pics. In the meantime, here's one of the drum workshop.... lasting memory seeing such a fantastic range of ages enjoying time together. And on stage - Wipstick, the youngest performers (10) who have ever played and blew us all away, and Notion (Wireless as was) who have really matured as a band. Plus Swing Time and Clear, GMC and Texarcana, Cooper Brown, Emily, Lucy and Rhythmajix, Tall Paul ... we cleared £6000 and sent £5000 to Save the Children and £500 each to Outside the Box Cafe (Ilkley's great new social enterprise for everyone, crewed by volunteers and adults with learning difficulties) and Ben Rhydding Scouts...

PS Pat's Bonfire 2013 will be on November 2nd..